Product Summary

In this section, you will find an overview of Nuflor, including its features and benefits for control of bovine respiratory disease, and the most frequently asked questions. It also contains a dosage guide .

Product Summary
Use in high-risk cattle on arrival at the feedyard: One Dose Sub-Q at 6 mL/cwt One dose on arrival helps you stay ahead of BRD, reducing costly pulls later.

Use for Hospital Treatment One Dose Sub-Q at 6 mL/cwt


Two Doses IM at 3 mL/cwt

One dose reduces time, labor, and animal stress

Sub-Q reduces the risk of injection-site damage to high value tissue

Flexibility to administer Nuflor based on your management practices

Single product therapy against all 3 major bacterial causes of BRD Cost-effective therapy with high cure rates
Fast acting and long lasting, reaches therapeutic levels within 30 minutes after administration Fast recovery with fewer retreatments, repulls and chronics
Ready to use, requires no mixing or refrigeration No time or labor wasted mixing product
Can be used with automatic injection equipment Easy to use, saves time and labor
Protective package with built in hanger Less breakage, less chance of waste

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