Performance Data

This section contains relevant reports issued by the Merck Animal Health Technical Services department:

New Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing Results

Health and Growth Performance of High-Risk Cattle Treated with Nuflor® or Draxxin®

Clinically Normal Cattle Given Nuflor® Injectable Solution or Saline Subcutaneously

Intake and Growth Performance of Clinically Ill Cattle Treated
with Nuflor® Injectable Solution or Baytril® 100 at Labeled Dosages.

Health and Growth Performance of High Risk Cattle Administered with Nuflor® (Florfenicol) or Excede® (Ceftiofur Sterile Suspension) for the Control of Bovine Respiratory Disease

Use of Nuflor in the Treatment of Bovine Foot Rot

Evaluation of Nuflor's Collective Therapy and BRD Therapy in Feedlot Steers