Intake and Growth Performance of Clinically Ill Cattle Treated with Nuflor® Injectable Solution or Baytril® 100.


In the fall of 2006, a randomized, masked clinical study was conducted at a contract research organization to determine the effect of NUFLOR (florfenicol) or Baytril 100 (enrofloxacin) treatments on feed intake in clinically ill animals. The intake data was measured using the Grow Safe feed intake system. In the 60 days following BRD treatment, animals dosed with NUFLOR (florfenicol) ate on average 21.58 lb/day while cattle treated with Baytril (enrofloxacin) consumed on average 21.38 lb/day. These
intakes were not statistically different (p=0.68). Additionally, there was no statistical difference in feed intake at 7 days post treatment between the two groups (10.67 vs. 11.01; p=0.62). In this controlled clinical study there were no significant feed intake
differences in animals treated for BRD with either Baytril (enrofloxacin) or NUFLOR (florfenicol).

Study Design


  • Steer/Bull
  • Beef
  • 80 Animals Enrolled in the Study
  • Average In Weight 596 lbs

Design of Trials:

  • Timing: Fall 2006
  • Randomized, Blinded Clinical Trial
  • Trial Type: Feed Intake trial
  • Trial Duration: 60 days
  • Location: Texas Panhandle

Inclusion Criteria:

  • Acute Respiratory Disease
  • Clinical Scoring System (score 0 - 3)
  • Respiratory Score > 1 and Rectal Temperature ≥ 104.00F


  • Depression Score > 1 and Rectal Temperature ≥ 104.00F


Intake Following BRD Treatment:
After treatment with NUFLOR (florfenicol) or Baytril 100 enrofloxacin), most time periods showed no statistical differences in feed intake. One time period, 40 to 60 d following treatment, approached statistical significance (p = 0.06) with the cattle treated with NUFLOR (florfenicol) exhibiting greater average feed intake (Table 1, Chart 1). Body weights were similar among NUFLOR (florfenicol) and Baytril (enrofloxacin) treated cattle at enrollment, and 20, 40 and 60 d posttreatment.

Table 1 - Results

40 mg/kg
12.5 mg/kg
Intake 0 to 7 d post trt110.670.4711.010.470.62
Intake 0 to 20 d post trt113.750.4114.450.410.24
Intake 20 to 40 d post trt124.100.6024.280.600.83
Intake 40 to 60 d post trt126.980.5325.520.530.06
Intake 0 to 60 d post trt121.580.3121.390.20.69
BW at enrolment15686.65716.60.73
20 d BW6098.76128.80.77
40 d BW69511.870811.80.44
60 d BW74414.47724.60.18

1These represent intakes on days that are specific to animals and depend on when they were enrolled.

Chart 1. Feed Intake Data

comparison Nuflor Baytril

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