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Since its launch in 1996, Nuflor has gained several additional approvals. Nuflor is now prescribed for not only bovine respiratory disease (BRD) but also foot rot. For BRD it can be used as a hospital treatment or for high-risk cattle on arrival at the feedyard. If you'd like to learn more about Nuflor, we have a full menu of topics for you to choose from.

  • Nuflor at a Glance
    answers the most frequently asked questions about Nuflor. Other facts and references also are in that section.
  • BRD and Foot Rot
    contains a series of reports and articles about bovine respiratory disease as well as a profile of foot rot.
  • Performance Data
    gives you the latest research on use of Nuflor for BRD in the feedyard.
  • Management Tips
    contains suggestions for getting the best results from any herd health management program.
  • Cattle Industry News
    features summaries of agricultural news and information. It also offers a directory of cattle industry resources, including veterinary, producer, and breed associations, governmental organizations, and cattle publications. This area is currently under development.

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Nuflor is a fast-acting, long-lasting injectable antibiotic containing florfenicol.